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The Pottery

The Pottery

Powdermills is the home and workplace of potter, Joss Hibbs. Joss makes a range of tableware using clays and other materials found around the moor, which are fired in her wood-fired anagama kiln. The result is a range of rustic tableware, all of which is suitable for the oven, dishwasher and microwave.

You can find out more about how pots can be made from clays and minerals gathered from Dartmoor, in the 'Making Process' section below.

Scroll down for a list of the range of pots made by Joss at Powdermills.

Joss Hibbs

Joss Hibbs

Joss Hibbs has been resident potter at Powdermills since 1999, having been taught to throw pots on the potters wheel by Richard Phethean, and having completed two years of study in ceramics at the University of Westminster.

Joss is interested in making pots straight from the ground: she learnt how to find glaze recipes from 'found' materials by the late Brian Sutherland, and the glaze technology tutors at the University of Westminster.

Joss first visited Powdermills in 1998 to work with Nic Collins, and was introduced to Svend Bayer. Joss is indebted to these two potters for teaching her about building and wood-firing anagama kilns. Joss built her current kiln, affectionately known as Margory, in 2007. A firing lasts for four days and nights to allow the outside surfaces of the pots to be naturally glazed by wood ash.

The result is a rustic range of pots designed for everyday use, which Joss believes reflect the landscape that surrounds the pottery. The pots are sold only from the shop at Powdermills.

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The Making Process

Powdermills pots are made from local clays and other materials gathered from around Dartmoor, then fired in a wood-fired anagama kiln. If you buy a Powdermills pot, you really do take a little piece of the moor home with you.

Click opposite to watch a short film of how Joss makes pots, or click here for a photo/text guide.

When the anagama kiln is fired, which it is twice a year, in the Spring, you can see the firing crew at work via our webcam on Joss' Blog page.

Pots by Joss Hibbs

Pots by Joss Hibbs

Joss makes a range of tableware which includes:-

Standard Mug
Cereal Bowl
12floz Jug
Small Teapot
Standard Teapot
Sugar Pot
Tea Plate
Small Casserole
Large Casserole
Oven Dish
Pie Plate
3 pint Jug
Bread Crock
Storage Jar
Pouring Bowl